You want to craft a clear, compelling manuscript that precisely conveys the nuances of your discoveries & thoughts. But it’s hard to get the distance you need to edit your own work.

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I can bring fresh eyes to your project. As your editor, I will likely be your most careful reader. Depending on your desired level of edit, I can provide thoughtful feedback on structure & argument or home in on sentence-level details to tighten your prose and ensure logical connections. I also do language editing focused on clarity & grammatical correctness.

I’m Ellen Tilton-Cantrell, Ph.D. As an editor, I am inspired by William Germano’s call to be “attentive, objective, compassionate, relentless.” My mission is to help you realize your vision for your work: I respect your unique voice as I assist you in expressing complex thoughts clearly.

My love of deep, engaged reading and wordsmithing drew me first to academia and later to editing. I earned my Ph.D. from Yale University in Japanese literature and my editing certificate from UC Berkeley Extension. As an academic editor, I draw on both my editorial training and on my understanding of the academic research and writing process.

I named Tilia Editorial after the linden tree (genus name Tilia). Linden trees are everywhere in the area of Minneapolis where I work. Also, I think of editors as being like arborists for manuscripts—pruning, shaping, & helping them grow into their fullest potential. I edit to help your writing project flourish.

Credentials & Experience

Tilia Editorial’s namesake tree  (the linden tree, genus name  Tilia )

Tilia Editorial’s namesake tree (the linden tree, genus name Tilia)

  • Ph.D., M.Phil., & M.A. in East Asian Languages and Literatures, Yale University

  • Editing certificate, UC Berkeley Extension, Professional Sequence in Editing

  • B.A., magna cum laude, in English and Japanese (double major), Carleton College

  • Visiting assistant professorship in Japanese language & literature, Carleton College

  • Position as creative writing instructor, The Blake School

  • Writing consultations with students as campus writing center tutor, Carleton College

  • Experience doing professional Japanese-to-English translation, both freelance and as part of a job at the Aomori Prefectural Government in northern Japan

  • Professional development (coursework on academic developmental editing) through the Editorial Freelancers Association and Ideas on Fire