Hi there. I’m Ellen Tilton-Cantrell, PhD, the editor at Tilia.

Do you need to sharpen your argument? Make your prose leaner & more precise? Ensure consistency & clarity? Whatever your editorial needs, I can provide thoughtful feedback & deft edits to help you reach your readers more effectively.

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Ellen helped retain my voice while consistently improving the text’s tightness and clarity. Her professionalism, prompt and substantive communication, and probing questions about any unclear sections were all welcome—and better than most academic journal reviewers and editors I’ve encountered. [. . .] Based on the superb work she did for the first project, I immediately sought her services for my next book and would happily keep her on retainer if I could! Ellen has become my go-to editor for all serious academic publishing projects moving forward. I’m grateful for all her conscientious efforts and feel lucky to have the benefit of her editorial expertise.
— Stylistic editing client at the University of Michigan
Ellen goes through your writing in an extremely careful, thorough manner. Her comments are concise but sharp. Things that you have taken for granted but could improve, be it typography or grammar among others, will not escape her attention. Ellen’s editorial choices and suggestions were all very educational for me. Working with her helped me read my own writing not as my work but as a journal article. It was such a pleasure working with Ellen. I will definitely come back to her for my next project.
— Copyediting client at the University of Virginia