Hi there. I’m Ellen Tilton-Cantrell, PhD, the editor at Tilia.

Do you need to sharpen your argument? Make your prose leaner & more precise? Ensure consistency & clarity? Whatever your editorial needs, I can provide thoughtful feedback & deft edits to help you reach your readers more effectively.

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I have been immensely impressed by Ellen’s the professionalism and expertise. Ellen’s comments on my manuscript are incisive, thoughtful, and help me to ‘see the forest’ again instead of the trees. No one has read my work with such care and generosity of spirit since my days as a student. The experience has been so different from the academic peer review process where people offer all sorts of advice on one’s work but not always with the intention of making the project better. I had a deep sense from Ellen’s comments that she wanted to help make the project better and that has made all the difference (plus her formidable editorial skills as well!).
— Developmental editing client at Davidson College
Ellen’s combined skills as an incredibly sensitive reader and literary critic made her the perfect editor for my [literary studies] book manuscript. I needed someone to help streamline prose, but to also suss out any potential gaps in argument. Ellen helped retain my voice while consistently improving the text’s tightness and clarity. Her professionalism, prompt and substantive communication, and probing questions about any unclear sections were all welcome. The book is unequivocally better as a direct result of her thoughtful suggestions for revision and her precise proofreader’s eye. Based on the superb work she did for the first project, I immediately sought her services for my next book and would happily keep her on retainer if I could!
— Line editing client at the University of Michigan