Line-by-line editing focused on grammar & stylistic consistency. (Can be combined with stylistic editing; please inquire if you need both.) For a final polish to ensure that your work reads professionally & that there are no distracting errors.

  • Correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage while staying true to the original voice & meaning

  • Clarifying sentence structure & ensuring consistency in tone

  • Querying apparent errors or inconsistencies

  • Consistently applying editorial style & format

  • Creating a style sheet to track & communicate decisions about editorial style

Cost: Copyediting projects start at $55 USD per 1000 words. I can provide a customized quote after reviewing your draft and completing a short sample edit.

Note: If your primary goal is to ensure that your prose is in clear, natural, correct English, I can do a partial copyedit (language editing only). This option is popular with ESL writers. Let me know if you are interested; I can provide quotes for both full and partial copyedits.