Line-by-line editing focused on consistency and grammatical accuracy. For a final polish to ensure that your work reads professionally.

  • Correcting errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and usage while staying true to the original voice & meaning

  • Ensuring the text is clear and unambiguous; querying apparent errors or inconsistencies

  • Ensuring that the text conforms to a particular editorial style

  • Developing a style sheet to document decisions about style and format, or following one that is provided

  • Verifying cross-references that appear in the text

Note: I also provide partial copyedits (language editing only). If your primary goal is to make sure that your prose is in clear, natural, correct English, this option may work well for you. I can provide quotes for both full and partial copyedits.

Ellen goes through your writing in an extremely careful, thorough manner. Her comments are concise but sharp. Things that you have taken for granted but could improve will not escape her attention. Ellen’s editorial choices and suggestions were all very educational for me. Working with her helped me read my own writing not as my work but as a journal article. It was such a pleasure working with Ellen. I will definitely come back to her for my next project.
— Copyediting client at the University of Virginia